Lead Logistics Provider (LLPs), also refered to as fourth – party logistics(4PL). We as a 4PL typically directs every moving part within the customer’s supply chain & serus as a single point of contact for all the parties involved.

Services include:-

  • Distribution Management.
  • Picking/Packing & CKD/CBU pakaging.
  • Assemble line operation.
  • Quality inspection.
  • Inbound Store management.
  • Warehouse operation.
4PL Logistics Companies in India. 4PL Transportation Companies in India.

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Inplant Logistics

We mean ‘Inplant logistics’ as the range of logistics services those required to move the row material or finished product with in the factory or plant to carry out the operation Vinsum Axpress Group can support your team or even be your team by handling such task as labour management, yard management. among others functional area as well.

Services include:-

  • Store / SPD / PG Warehouse Management.
  • Sequencing Project.
  • VMI Warehouse.
  • Fulfilment centre.
  • Supply chain consultancy.
  • Production Plan – Pull out servicing, kit loading, trolley loading, double veining & trolley line-up.
  • Contract Logistics.

Project Mangement

Whatever it takes to carry out the project successfully we deliver it all starting from the application of processes , methods , skills , knowledge & experience according to the project acceptance criteria within the agreed parameter.

Inplant Logistics Image | Best Inplant Logistics Companies in India.

Components include:

  • Defining the need / reason of project.
  • Capturing project requirement, specifying quality of deliverables, estimating resources & timescales.
  • Business case preparation.
  • Corporate agreement & funding.
  • Developing & implementing a management plan for the project.
  • Managing risks , issues & changes on the project.
  • Monitoring progress against plan.
  • Managing the project budget.
  • Maintaining communications with stakeholder & project organization.
  • Closing the project in a controlled fashion.

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