For global supply chains, access to transportation capacity is an obvious requirement when selecting an international freight forwarding company. However, if you want more from international freight forwarding, Vinsum Axpress provides the shipment visibility and control that adds flexibility and efficiency. In addition to reliable transportation capacity, Vinsum Axpress International Freight Forwarding services provide regional expertise. This will help with all the complex country-by-country import and export requirements. We organise all aspects of the process on your behalf, including compliance with rules and regulations and country-specific documentation. As one of the reliable and preferred supply chain management company, our premium international freight forwarding services can stand-alone or be integrated with inland logistics services and transportation. This gives you the convenience and centralised responsibility for a door-to-door solution from one logistics service provider. International freight forwarding delivers cost-effective, multi-lane, and multimodal international transportation management for import and export shipments. This consists of charter services with experienced freight forwarding staff and services to all regions. Also, timely and reliable to increase your speed to market. • Maintain relationships with core carriers in all key global trade lanes on your behalf. • You can increase global shipment visibility and supply chain monitoring through pre-shipment order control, real-time event management, document imaging, and supply chain analytics.


.To be the most reliable, trusted and preferred supply-chain industry, our aim is to grow and sustain in diversified markets by providing cutting-edge solutions to customers within the country or around the globe in the generic cargo segment with a fleet of customised vehicles.

. Establish global leadership in the supply chain industry by 2022.


. Service Excellence - Zero productivity loss in the supply chain process.

. Delivery Commitments - Economically efficient and time bound deliveries.

. Diversity, Integrity and Accountability - Ethical standards and liability towards work.

. Sustainable Solutions - Biodegradable packaging such as corrugated boxes, PP, FLC, Steel trolleys.