Visual Packaging Solution Designing

We have a dedicated solution design team that specializes in material level knowledge and can design solutions based on inputs provided by the customer about the component / part and produce feasibility reports for all your packaging needs consultation.

Packaging Product Manufacturing & Development

The range of products and services by VINSUM AXPRESS are designed keeping in mind the flexible and customized needs of a customer as per their demand. We offer customized solution in various materials i.e. PP, Plastic (HDP/LDP), Metal (Iron, Steel, Wiremesh), Wood & Paper Corrugated etc.

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OPEX Model

Product on Rent (Per Trip Basis)

The returnable packaging/Pooling Concept Services in a way that VINSUM AXPRESS owned product provided on Rental as a Service. A nominal rent is charged for the use of product on per trip basis with Reverse logistics facilities It is a growing service to reduce capital expenditures and improve Day to Day Supply Chain Operations for Customers.


(Product on Sale)

In Capex Model we design and develop Customized packaging product for their specific needs. The ownership of the packaging product lies with the customer as it is a one time sale by VINSUM AXPRESS and the services for reverse logistics to keep the supply chain moving can be managed by VINSUM AXPRESS.


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Advantages Of Returnable Packaging

  • Eco – Friendly.
  • Benefit from the improved inbound/outbound.
  • Freight cube efficiency.
  • Control product damage.
  • Reduced packaging waste.
  • Improved quality control.
  • Improved workplace safety.
  • Reduce inspection.
  • Loading & Unloading time.
  • Reduces warehousing and storage needs.
  • Reduce labor costs.
  • Reduced transportation costs.
  • Supports lean production.
  • Improves inventory management.
  • Metal Identification of Parts & products.


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VINSUM AXPRESS has a state-of-art manufacturing set up at sector-37 Gurgaon & Ambala in 50,000 sq. ft area. Vinsum axpress has an installed capacity of 50,000 boxes per month which can be scaled upto 1.5 lakh boxes per month as per the requirement. For manufacturing quality product in time, the facility boasts all the major machinery under one-roof for PP box manufacturing , Wire mesh containers, Metal foldable Containers and HDPE/LDPE foldable crates.

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Fabrication Units

Our avant-garde infrastructure consist of the fabrication units to develop and supply customized solutions to our-customers. These units are equipped with Hi-Tech fabrication equipment, tools and software such as hydraulic press Jigsaw cutting tool, forming, adhesive coating line, heating tool, AutoCAD software, punching machines sets of dies and punch, and peacemaking machine. We also have our Own template and design Centre.

Testing Facilities:

Our units are equipped with Universal testing Machine, Electrostatic Charge Tester-and GSM Testing Facility.

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Vinsum Axpress Products


Vinsum Axpress is commited to offer logistics solutions and services to the indian industry, desgined to customer's satisfaction in orger to grow together in a win-win situation.