If heavy building parts have to be moved from the production site to the point of use or if a complete factory has to get relocated, Vinsum Axpress specialized team is here to handle your projects within specified timelines. No distance is too far and no load is too heavy for us. We will plan and complete any of your projects – whether this involves the moment of FTL from one state to the other or the shift of goods from an industrial plant or bulky modules for automobile industries. Our special team at VINSUM AXPRESS SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT is available to handle your enquiries about shipping heavy items 24/7. If necessary, we will handle the complete project logistics, including the pick-up and final delivery runs. We also offer many value-added services. We can pack your goods so that they are safe during transit; and we look after all the details- offer central warehouse space and provide sustainable packaging solutions.


.To be the most reliable, trusted and preferred supply-chain industry, our aim is to grow and sustain in diversified markets by providing cutting-edge solutions to customers within the country or around the globe in the generic cargo segment with a fleet of customised vehicles.

. Establish global leadership in the supply chain industry by 2022.


. Service Excellence - Zero productivity loss in the supply chain process.

. Delivery Commitments - Economically efficient and time bound deliveries.

. Diversity, Integrity and Accountability - Ethical standards and liability towards work.

. Sustainable Solutions - Biodegradable packaging such as corrugated boxes, PP, FLC, Steel trolleys.