Railway transportation services are more certain, uniform and regular as compared to other modes of transport. Also, rail transportation is least affected by usual weather turbulences. To ensure the safe and speedy delivery of your goods by rail, Vinsum Axpress rail transportation expertise examine if your cargo is handled properly or make sure to check the quality assurance of rail components. To ensure that you are operating to best practice standards, we examine the rail components of your logistic chain and provide terminal management and transit monitoring, as well as import control and related services.


.To be the most reliable, trusted and preferred supply-chain industry, our aim is to grow and sustain in diversified markets by providing cutting-edge solutions to customers within the country or around the globe in the generic cargo segment with a fleet of customised vehicles.

. Establish global leadership in the supply chain industry by 2022.


. Service Excellence - Zero productivity loss in the supply chain process.

. Delivery Commitments - Economically efficient and time bound deliveries.

. Diversity, Integrity and Accountability - Ethical standards and liability towards work.

. Sustainable Solutions - Biodegradable packaging such as corrugated boxes, PP, FLC, Steel trolleys.